Sanctuary Cities Dilemma

Sanctuary cities or counties are places in the U.S where they limit their involvement with ICE in getting information and detaining illegal immigrants. By law in the U.S whenever a person gets arrested, they have to be finger printed and their information is sent to the FBI and ICE. Now for illegals when their information is sent, then ICE sends an order asking the local police to hold the person for an extra 48 hours so they could come and get the person.

In all places the police do not have to obey the letter and they can choose to release the person any way, but the problem gets complicated because some politicians have seen this as a way to manipulate their voters, as they have chosen to reduce funds to these sanctuary cities and counties. This ties the hands of the police officers to turn people to immigration even if they don’t want to.

Why would police not want to support ICE effort in detaining people? Because police need people trust to perform their job well. If illegal immigrants mistrust the police they will not call the police even if they are the victims of crimes, and this makes them easy targets of crimes because they will not call or cooperate with the police, when the police need them to do their job.

This makes it hard for the whole community to be a safe place because of the likeliness of crimes happening around the illegal immigrants. This is not a problem with an easy solution. People who want the immigrants deported have their reasons and those who don’t have their reasons too. Sanctuary cities and counties really can’t do anything to stop someone from being deported and for the illegals living in these cities unless there are changes in the federal law the fear of being deported will always be with them.

Who Is Going To Pay For The Wall?

Trump said in his campaign and he is still saying in his tweets that the wall building plan is still on the table. The question that a lot of people have is who is going to pay for the wall? It is definitely not going to be cheap in any way shape or form. So where are the funds going to come from? I hope that he answers this question clearly.

The U.S has many issues immigration being one of them. It is not OK to minimize the effects of illegal immigration in any way shape or form. However, the thing is building a wall will mostly be dealing with Mexican illegals not other illegals from other countries such as those in Africa, Asia etc. Building a wall will reduce one type of illegal immigration, so that is something to think about.

So far it has been said that it may or may not be included in the spending bill. I guess after the health care bill fiasco, now he is more careful with what he is pushing for and when. This makes him a realistic politician who has to consider all sides before coming up with a proposal. I don’t know if that is a good thing, because one of the things I heard that made Trump a good candidate was that he was more a business man and less a politician. But now he is being a complete politician, tweeting about building a wall when he is not even including it in the spending bill?

The reality is that building a wall is going to be expensive and it may do the job is that it is supposed to do, but the cost cannot be ignored. Trump has to be clear who is going to fund the wall, the same way he is clear that the wall is going to be built.

Close To 100 Days, Trump Accomplishments Are Hard To Find

April 29 will mark 100 days of Trump as president and as usual, Trump’s tweet lets us know that he already knows that he hasn’t accomplished much. It shouldn’t matter what the media thinks, he is there for the people. Does he think he is some kind of a competition with the media? He need not worry about the media and do his work.

The healthcare bill, we all know and remember how that went up in flames, now he is on the border wall. The main question being who is going to pay for it? As we have seen from Trump before, he will skate around the issue and frankly, I don’t think he believes it is realistic to be spending government money like that. I mean, in a country where schools are getting underfunded or not funded at all, and where people are struggling with medical debts as well as student loan debts, is it really realistic to go and spend the money on building a wall? Not to mention there are already measures to prevent people from coming to the U.S already. Believe it or not, there are border patrols who arrest and detain a lot of the immigrants who are illegally crossing the border everyday.

He wrote on tweeter again about the tax reform and I personally can’t wait to see it. He said something about tax cuts, as they going to be like the healthcare tax cuts that were meant for the 1%? Probably so. But I will wait and see, what grand tax reform he has in the works. He is still talking about Obamacare, even though when the road met the rubber for him to change it, he had nothing. And if he thinks tax reform is somehow going to be easier, he has another failure coming his way.

Will Trump Sabotage ObamaCare Out of Spite?

Well Republicans spent so much time during the constructing and passing of Obamacare refusing to discuss or offer any meaningful suggestions besides repelling it. They didn’t want to open their eyes and ears and hear the people they are representing that they needed healthcare reform. The situation was worse before Obamacare, and they needed a solution that wasn’t just Republicans being hard headed and not wanting to participate in any meaningful discussion about healthcare.

Even with their unwillingness to show civility, the Democrats were able to pass the law and provided insurance to millions of U.S citizens who didn’t have insurance before. This meant subsidizing the health insurance cost by taking money from other places. This is nothing new, almost all government organizations receive funds from the government starting with the military being the biggest taker all the way to USDA, DHS etc.

Trump want to cut these funds and then say that Obamacare couldn’t sustain itself, that it was too expensive. All this is a pile of horse manure. How can Trump and the Republicans be this cold? How does this help the voters who put them in office? How loud do people have to scream for them to get it? People need health insurance! Obamacare is the best choice right now, until they can come up with something that is coherent and is not hell bent on removing needed coverage to people then they need to let the sleeping dogs lie.

Trump’s willingness of being aggressive and inconsiderate in wanting to repel Obamacare, shows how much this administration is more about being anti-Obama than actually doing things that will help citizens. This is not good for the general populations. Obama had his faults but right now Obamacare was not one of them. Republicans really have to sit down and come up with something that is not meant to screw people over. They should actually spend time and come up with something better rather than sabotage what little good insurance coverage that people have now.

Is Steve Bannon Out Of The Trump Coattails?

Steve Bannon who was a head of a right wing website called Breitbart, was chosen by Trump first to be the campaign CEO during the election period and after the election, he was made to be the chief strategist of the administration. Bannon had been known as an alt right wing with very strong nationalist view. During the campaign and election period this was ok for Trump because it is no secret that he manage to dig out all the most vile and racist people in the U.S to support him.

People noticed Bannon and his views and most people thought Trump was just a puppet and Bannon was the real master. He wasn’t only a chief strategist, he also put himself in the Principal Committee OF The National Security Council. This must have not settled well with Trump which is understandable. The man has an ego and for people to think he doesn’t really control anything, must have really sent him over the edge.

What the speculations are is that Bannon crushed with Trump family, specifically, Trump’s son in law,Tared Kushner. Kushner is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, considering how close Trump is to Ivanka, I don’t know what the hell Bannon was thinking. Trump is very close to his family and always loyal to people who support him. Bannon may have supported Trump but that can’t compare with the closeness and loyalty he has to his daughter. They have so many business deals together and frankly it was absurd of Bannon to think he could come between that.

I think it is good that this alt right wing Bannon is getting pushed out of the white house. The world doesn’t need any more racists running rampant and giving their uneducated ideas on how the U.S should run. To me it is good riddance and atleast Trump is really doing something to distance himself with the racists that have been known to support him.

After the Syria Strike… Is North Korea Next for Trump?

All the news last week was about how Trump has gotten a little more respect as a president after striking a Syria base. The attack was of course very expensive on the American tax payers, however if that is what it takes to minimize human suffering in Syria then, I really hope it was worth it. By now we now we all know that Trump loves to be praised and the Syrian strike gave him a lot of praises as a president so his focus has shifted to a new target.

North Korea is a dictatorship country which has very punitive rules for those who dare go against the ruler. So far China, has been North Korea main ally but Trump has tweeted today about how it is better for China to deal with North Korea to improve its trade relations with U.S. I think this is good news, there is no reason for this time in history for people to be going through as a hard time as people in North Korea are.

War will definitely be expensive and a lot of people will lose their lives, if that is what it takes to free them then that is the price that has to be paid. The ramifications of the war for the neighboring country of South Korea is something I haven’t heard people talk about. They are so close together and it will most likely be the very first target for North Korea. Again, this could be all talks and North Korea probably doesn’t have any advance weaponry to do anything worth while anywhere except for abusing its citizens.

Lets also not forget that war is very profitably to those elites in our societies such as Trump and his other billionaire friends, so our eyes and ears should be opened extra wide when they say solution is war. What about trade embargo or other restrains? Have they even tried that? Lets wait and see and hope for the best outcome for the men, women and children suffering in North Korea right now.

Trump Supports O’Reilly Making Him More Cringe worth!

Billy O’Reilly has been accused by a total of five women of sexual harassment at workplace, and he has had to settle outside of court by paying a total of 13 million dollars. This breaking news has made national headlines and a lot of sponsors on his show The O’Reilly Factor on Fox news have pulled out. The sponsors pulled out because they don’t want to be associated with any negative image (weird they didn’t think of this before supporting the man who is always spewing hate and other horrible stereotypes about about everybody except maybe rich white men) to be associated with their brand.

Trump feels the need to speak and defend this man, why? He himself doesn’t have the best record with treatment of women from what has come out of his mouth and the allegations he has faced during the campaign (I understand dirty politics and as far as I know he has never had to settle out of court or taken to court over sexual harassment, even though the women claimed he assaulted them) about his bad treatment of women.

Trump said he doesn’t think O’Reilly should have settled instead he should have let it go all the way, I’m guessing he means all the way to court? Well, I think O’Reilly’s lawyers know way more than Trump and taking this to court would mean that more evidences and accusations would be all over the news before and during the trial. The accusers would let the whole world know how women get treated at Fox News not just at the O’Reilly show and that was a can of worms nobody wanted to open.

This is not the first time someone at Fox gets accused of sexual harassment, not long ago it was Roger Ailes and there probably more women and more men like O’Reilly who don’t think they will get caught. Trump has to defend the man given how much he loves Fox News, he is always recommending shows from that channel. However, he needs to understand that O’Reilly settled because most likely he would have lost in court.

Will Trump Release His 2016 Tax Returns?

Last year Trump refused to release his tax returns by saying that they were under audit, so he couldn’t release them. This year for now the reason is that the tax season isn’t over yet and there are rumors that he will probably file an extension so in general, if you are one of the people eager to see his tax returns for this year, do not hold your breath.

The man never misses an excuse for the most obvious of things ( you all remember the “nobody knew healthcare was so complicated” when everybody knew it was complicated, years before he came to that conclusion) and he is going to drag releasing the tax returns longer than the time it took him and Paul Ryan to come up with that disastrous healthcare plan.

To answer the heading, no I don’t think he will release his tax returns. Why? Because as a real estate owner he gets to know his assumed losses and he can spread the loss for three years prior and 15 years in the future. He doesn’t want to release them because it will show average Americans how much he was able to manipulate the tax systems where he wasn’t paying his full taxes because of the losses he could claim from 15 years earlier.

The man hasn’t maintained his billionaire status because he pays his taxes fair and square. I bet he searches for each and every loophole he can find to pay as little taxes as possible. This maybe human nature not wanting to pay more than you have to. However when you refuse to release the tax returns it raises more questions as to what you don’t want people to know.

Hillary Clinton had all the problems with her charity and she released her tax returns. Lets also remember that Trump demanded that Romney release his tax returns, now the ball is in his court and this man is doing each and everything not to release his tax returns. He needs to release them, the people who voted him in have a right to see his tax returns.

President Repels Obama’s Order Making Women Sexual Harassment Easier To DO

For a president who has said that you can grab women by the p***y I think it is safe to say no one expected him to be the light in the women’s fight against sexual harassment. But to go on and repel the order that Obama had put in place to offer more protection to women seems too petty and really shows his lack of concern for women, including the women who voted him in.

The order was put in place so that people with government contracts will have to provide a more wage transparency so that women know when they are paid less than men when they are both doing the same tasks as well as make sexual harassment be reported to the proper authorities instead of being covered up or discussed in private. Yes, there are rules against sexual harassment at work but the order added more protection to women and anyone who was facing sexual harassment at work.

Trump who still hasn’t done much except tweeting about how Obama really did wire tap him (I wonder if he still thinks he did it with a microwave) went on and repel this order making it hard for people to come forward with sexual harassment as well as having no salary transparency making it easy for employers to underpay women.

Of all things to work on he decided to go on and pick one that brings fights against unequal pay and sexual harassment even harder battles to fight. He needs to work on real people’s problems and focus less on helping employers who already have it better compared to the employees they have. People need better working conditions free of sexual harassment and free of mediocre salaries just because of their gender. Bring real progress to people by focusing on repelling Obama’s orders that weren’t meant to protect regular people like when he bailed out banks and did nothing for regular people who had been foreclosed on.

Stop being the rich people and the business people president and help the millions of hardworking employees who voted you in.

Senator Randy Paul Went Golfing With Trump

The heading seems like everyday news for our president to be enjoying his term in the office but Randy Paul met with Trump apparently to discuss the very serious issue of healthcare on the golf course. Last time with Paul Ryan things didn’t go smoothly because Ryan ended presenting a bill that was so wrong even to the Republicans who had promised on everything that they will repel Obamacare.

With Paul of course come with the same promise that Obamacare will be repelled and replaced. How? Last time it was through millions of people losing coverage and Trump supported it wholeheartedly, didn’t realize that the other members of Republican party had to go home and tell their majority voters that the new healthcare bill will exclude them. And they rightfully didn’t go on board with that. With Trump it maybe all about and winning but when it comes to negotiations he has to understand that Republicans are representing real people who changes on healthcare will have real consequences on them. They don’t have money and they depend on the government which have voted for and they pay taxes on, to do right by them and not just make decisions just for the sake. They want Obamacare replaced not just repelled, with something much better no more empty promises. These are real people with real lives and real need for a good healthcare plan.

What does Rand Paul has that Paul Ryan didn’t? For one I hope is a heart and a genuine sense to repel Obamacare so as to provide a more inclusive and hopefully cheaper healthcare bill that will be able to pass, so as to help people not just the pockets of the people who got campaign money from the health insurance companies and their lobbyists.

It seems too true to be true that the bill that had already failed once because Republicans spent 7 years talking about repelling Obamacare, without ever having a concrete plan on how to so. Now allover a sudden Rand Paul is supposed to be able to fix the problem and get the Republicans to agree on a new healthcare bill? To me it seems to good to be true, but only time will tell on this healthcare saga.